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Jonathan Jensen

What’s on your handset?

by Jonathan Jensen 26th May 2009

Flicking through the apps on my handset the other day made me realise that the key apps I use haven’t changed that much over the past year or so. The big change for me has been swapping from a handset with a regular keypad (Nokia E51) to a handset with a qwerty keypad; my Nokia […]

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Calling 0800 numbers for free from mobiles

by Jonathan Jensen 11th May 2009

How to call 0800 numbers for free from mobiles

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The iPhone: making life easy for Normobs

by Jonathan Jensen 25th April 2009

Returning to my favourite theme of ‘Normobs‘, I’m intrigued by the way the iPhone has changed my wife Jo’s approach, not just to mobile telephony, but also to using her laptop. Since buying an iPhone she’s tended to use it for most of her emails and much of her web browsing. For Internet use the […]

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