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T-Mobile launches Together Rewards

by Ricky Chotai 27th May 2009

O2 has their treats, Orange has Orange Wednesdays and now it seems like T-Mobile are jumping on the bandwagon and are launching Together Rewards. Together Rewards is available for both Pay as You Go Customers (minimum £10 spend) and all Post Pay customers. You can sign up on the phone, in store or online (via […]

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Things not as Blyk and white as they seem

by Ricky Chotai 19th May 2009

Last week Newagemedia ‘broke the news’ that “Blyk is preparing to close down its direct-to-consumer business to focus on operator partnerships”. The article caused a massive amount of reaction in the blogosphere, however it’s incorrect…

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Lebara create 200 jobs and become one of the leading UK MVNO players

by Ricky Chotai 13th May 2009

Lebara Mobile has just announced that in the recession it will be creating jobs in the sector; in particular in the UK this will be their call centre operations as reported by Mobile Today. I wanted to look at why Lebara Mobile is doing so well, especially in comparison to its other MVNO competitors targeting […]

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Mobile Networks and Engagement on Twitter

by Ricky Chotai 12th May 2009

This post is based on the 5 network operators here in the UK. I did not expand my research into the MVNOs and foreign operators, however if you do have more information feel free post to below in the comments. Over the last few weeks Vodafone have been running a twitter hunt, where they have […]

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Virgin Trains: Free Wi-Fi (except on mobile devices)

by Ricky Chotai 30th April 2009

Today I had to go down to London, as I was speaking to some MPs about the state of the UK University system and on the return leg of the journey back to Manchester I was booked into first class (where you get posh nosh and drinks) and the best of all free Wi-Fi that […]

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