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BlackBerry and beyond…

by Vikki Chowney 16th January 2011
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Though I failed to acknowledge it, the search for my perfect handset ended about six months ago when I started using the Nexus One. I’ve spoken before about  my new found love for Android (well, it was at the time) when I trialled the HTC Hero. In the end I found it lagged too much […]

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Five minutes with giffgaff founder Gav Thompson

by Vikki Chowney 29th June 2010
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giffgaff is a recent arrival in the UK – a ‘virtual’ mobile network operator using O2′s network that rewards its customers for helping to run the service (we covered the launch back in November) – so we were keen to find out from the man behind it all how it’s all been going since then… […]

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Living with the E72, or why Nokia’s finally lost me to Android

by Vikki Chowney 24th May 2010
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Continuing the never-ending search for my ‘next phone’, I’ve been trialling Nokia’s E72 for the past few months. Regular readers will know that my phone of choice was once the E71 (before it sadly broke last year, and this journey began), but I was all aware of its faults. Not long ago, Nokia reached out […]

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Do I need a Hero?

by Vikki Chowney 2nd March 2010
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As part of my ongoing search to find a new phone, those lovely folk at 3MobileBuzz recently sent me an HTC Hero to try out… It’s not the newest handset on the market granted, but I’ve heard good things about Android and after too many contract-based nightmares to count in the past – I’m a […]

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From N95, to E75 and beyond. Where next?

by Vikki Chowney 29th January 2010

Here we are again; I find myself deliberating which phone to move on to next. Post-E71 meltdown last year (RIP), I took a step backwards and reverted to my trusty N95 8GB. All was well, as I truly believe that it’s best content creator out there for a blogger. I loved being able to take […]

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A Q&A with Movirtu's Nigel Waller

by Vikki Chowney 18th September 2009

The first in a series of interviews with Founders/Managing Directors of mobile-centric businesses, we kick off with a brief chat with Nigel Waller. We’ll let Nigel tell you more about Movirtu below, but in brief, it’s a for-profit organisation that provides innovative mobile technology and business models for wireless telecommunication service providers servicing rural poor communities […]

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Really Mobile goes walkabout with WOM World

by Vikki Chowney 8th September 2009

Some of you may have seen the announcement last week that along with Phil Campbell and Rupert Howe, I’m going to be heading off to Helsinki (and a ‘yet to be confirmed’ second city) this Thursday for a bit of a European ‘Twestival Local’ tour. Twestival, in case you don’t live, breathe and sleep Twitter, […]

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The Blackberry Curve 8520 review

by Vikki Chowney 20th August 2009

So, I’ve been playing with a BlackBerry Curve 8520 for the past week or so, and have had a somewhat interesting experience. For my sins, I’ll admit to you that I’ve never played with a BlackBerry for more than just a few minutes. I’ve always found the roller ball to be so horribly over sensitive, […]

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