'Dear Oli': The Prodigal Fool's letter to Nokia's CEO

by Ben Smith 14th February 2010
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The Prodigal Fool has interrupted his high-rolling lifestyle just long-enough to pen a letter to Nokia CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, suggesting 10 ways to get Nokia back as ‘contenders in the high-end smartphone market’.

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First Look: FREETALK Wireless USB Headset for Skype

by Jonathan Jensen 11th February 2010

A habit of mine when I’m on the phone is to wander around the house. For some reason I prefer to walk and talk rather than sit in a chair! However with a regular PC headset I’m tethered to the PC and can’t move which is a source of frustration. So when I saw the FREETALK Wireless […]

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Google Buzz: where's the love?

by James Whatley 10th February 2010

Last night, as I was leaving the office to go play football, word was spilling out onto the interwebs about a brand new Google service. “Social features!” some said, “Keep your friends updated”, whispered others but, it was only when I saw the sad, inevitable combination of words that make up the phrase “Twitter Killer” […]

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LG: what's wrong with this picture?

by James Whatley 31st January 2010

Around London of late, LG has been rolling out some rather large adverts for its latest low-to-mid range device – the catchily-named LG GD510. The first time I saw the ad, I chuckled, brushed it off and moved on. The second time I saw it, I was with company and asked out loud; “Look! What’s […]

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From N95, to E75 and beyond. Where next?

by Vikki Chowney 29th January 2010

Here we are again; I find myself deliberating which phone to move on to next. Post-E71 meltdown last year (RIP), I took a step backwards and reverted to my trusty N95 8GB. All was well, as I truly believe that it’s best content creator out there for a blogger. I loved being able to take […]

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The N900: just a Qik note

by James Whatley 27th January 2010

Last weekend I visited London’s Natural History Museum (the NHM) to take part in a secret filming mission for a new and yet-to-be-made feature film. With an N86 in one pocket and an N900 in the other I set out, intent on recording the action… as it happened. As it happened, the shoot was so […]

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iPass launches their Open Mobile Platform

by Jonathan Jensen 25th January 2010

One of the challenges when travelling abroad on business is finding the best connectivity solution to get online. Your regular WiFi service may provide roaming access to local WiFi hotspots, alternatively paying for access to a local network may be a cost effective option. If all else fails, using 3G data roaming is an option, […]

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Video: N900 running Android [Deep Joy]

by Ben Smith 23rd January 2010

YouTube user ‘bdogg64‘ Brandon Roberts has posted this first (as far as  I know) footage of an N900 being hacked to dual boot Maemo and Android.  The Android install is far from usable yet, but it works… Perhaps I will – one day – be able to satisfy my love for Android and my desire […]

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