Search For N: Last-minute clues

by Ben Smith 2nd June 2009

We’re only a few hours away from the last clue being published to unlock the location of the N97 prizes located in Oxford, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Dorset and London (there are two prizes in London).  In case you haven’t solved the first 4 clues yet here’s a helping hand just for The Really Mobile Project […]

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Video Diary: Vikki and her unsung hero

by Vikki Chowney 2nd June 2009

Vikki’s trademark E71 is off to the phone doctor so she’s testing a handset we think is too often overlooked.

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Roaming with SIM4travel

by Jonathan Jensen 31st May 2009

Vodafone’s recent announcement about scrapping roaming charges over the Summer for users on the Passport tariff is a bold step in delivering simpler and fairer charging to customers when they’re roaming (in a country with a Vodafone partner network). When I travel abroad I try to avoid using my personal mobile as much as possible. […]

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Search for N: Clue 3 (part 4!)

by Ben Smith 30th May 2009

Clue 3 comes in 4 parts… we snagged part 4. See here for clue 2 and clue 1.

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Special Report: Sony Ericsson Summer Announcement

by Dan Lane 29th May 2009

Ben Smith and Dan Lane have a look at some recently announced Sony Ericsson handsets.

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Search for N: Clue 2

by Ben Smith 29th May 2009

Right on cue the second clue in the series of five popped into my e-mail today pointing to some images on Ovi Share.  This one seems tougher than yesterday’s… still if there’s some N-related prizes it’s worth a bit of brain-time. No help from me today! …but see these guys for enough help to solve […]

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The HTC Magic; 3 steps from perfect

by James Whatley 28th May 2009

James Whatley, finally gets his arse in gear and review the Vodafone HTC Magic

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Video Diary: Touchnote Review

by Dan Lane 28th May 2009

Dan Lane looks at Touchnote’s new S60 application, the first app in the Ovi store that delivers a physical product.

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