Video Diary: Vikki Chowney talks E75 and NC10

by Vikki Chowney 29th April 2009

Vikki introduces herself and takes a first look at the Nokia E75 and the Samsung NC10, which is now available from O2 with a 3G broadband dongle and access to ‘The Cloud‘ WiFi hotspot network. Vikki’s also posted a more in-depth review of the Samsung and there’s more info about her on ‘The Team‘ page.

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Video Diary: James Whatley on planning MGoLA

by James Whatley 27th April 2009

Planning for Mobile Geeks of LA is well under-way. We go to the park to look in James’s mobile ‘bag of wonder to take a look at the devices as the popular meet-up heads west from its birth-place.  James also demonstrates wide-screen video recording on the new Nokia 5800 Xpress Music which looks promising. James […]

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Video Diary: Ben Smith at the AQA2U launch

by Ben Smith 27th April 2009

For my first video diary segment I went to a noisy bar to meet Colly Myers, the CEO of ‘answers by text’ service AQA to discuss the launch of their new text messaging ‘broadcast system’ AQA2U. The service uses the power of their team of ‘question answerers’ to provide an easy-to-use premium text service Colly […]

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Video Diary: Dan Lane on Flight Control for iPhone

by Dan Lane 26th April 2009

In this video diary Dan takes a look at the game that is storming the charts in iTunes right now – the highly addictive ‘Flight Control‘.  There’s also an interview with the developer on The Telegraph site if you want to know more.

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Vikki Chowney: Samsung's NC10 netbook on O2

by Vikki Chowney 26th April 2009

Originally published on, Vikki Chowney takes a look at Samsung’s smash-hit netbook. I’ve been a fan of the very light, super-transportable netbook for some time, and in my last review back in December, I looked at Vodafone’s Dell Inspiron 9. It’s the perfect size for instant access when travelling and though I still use […]

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The iPhone: making life easy for Normobs

by Jonathan Jensen 25th April 2009

Returning to my favourite theme of ‘Normobs‘, I’m intrigued by the way the iPhone has changed my wife Jo’s approach, not just to mobile telephony, but also to using her laptop. Since buying an iPhone she’s tended to use it for most of her emails and much of her web browsing. For Internet use the […]

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Three have quietly launched their first Blackberry service

by Ben Smith 22nd April 2009

In a blogger’s meeting with Three last night at their Holborn store, I was chatting to some of the Three and 1000heads / 3mobilebuzz guys over a beer.  I asked, as I always do, where the Blackberry Bold we were shown at their ‘Chirstmas in July’ event last year had got to.  Low and behold […]

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Whatley talks Apps on the Beeb

by James Whatley 21st April 2009

Our own James Whatley talks application stores with Rory Cellan-Jones in a feature that originally broadcast on the BBC’s 6pm evening news.  Rory also posted a follow-up to the blog including an extended interview with Malcolm Barclay the iPhone developer featured.

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