Location-based gaming & spotting problems with the power of the crowd [Guest Post]

by Guest Contributor 29th September 2010
How do you check-in with this...?

Ever since I first entered the world of the smart phone three years ago, my train journeys to and from London have been a different experience for me. Long gone are the days of just listening to my MP3 player and reading the free rag… Now I listen to my music while playing games or […]

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Vox Sciences: not cool

by James Whatley 28th September 2010

Dan Lane looked over the VoxSciences service just over a year ago and signed off his review with ‘Overall this looks very promising’. Right now, many would disagree.

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The ‘Mobile WiFi Challenge’

by Ben Smith 24th September 2010
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Is it possible to live by mobile broadband alone…? No broadband, no WiFi hotspots and (thank goodness) no dial-up? What about giving up dongles too…? Is a MiFi enough? Well, un-clench your thinking muscles… I’m about to find out for you in a side-project I’m calling a Mobile WiFi Challenge (I know… snappy).

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Vodafone users angry over slow response to personal data leak

by Ben Smith 23rd September 2010

Vodafone‘s online account management system has turned out to be leakier than a Welsh vegetable convention is week… And it has, to quote a man who knows, been “kicking off” in their online support forums as angry users who had heard the news mixed with those confused by unsolicited password-reset emails. First spotted by Denny […]

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Thumbnail image for Breaking: New Nokia CEO Stephen Elop takes to the stage

Breaking: New Nokia CEO Stephen Elop takes to the stage

by Ben Smith 15th September 2010

Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO in waiting (he starts next week), has taken to the stage to give a $1 million prize to the winner of the Nokia Growth Venture Challenge competition at the Calling All Innovators Awards Ceremony. Describing himself as ‘completely unemployed’ he referred to his ‘old supervisor’ Steve Ballmer’s catch-phrase ‘developers, developers, developers’ […]

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1, 2, 3… STRETCH! [O'Neil & Philips Headphones First Look]

by James Whatley 8th September 2010
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I have sweaty ears. New earphones see, they do that. And the ones I’m sporting above are no exception. A co-branded effort from Philips and O’Neill, these bad boys were sent to us just over a week ago and here’s what I make of them after a week of usage. I’ll put it out there […]

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Dell Streak Give-away: We have a winner!

by Ben Smith 8th September 2010

Congratulations to Geoff Airey who was randomly selected from commenters and tweeters on our post about the Android 2.1 upgrade for the Streak and will soon be the proud (we assume) owner of one of his own.

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N900 vs Nexus One: Confessions of an Android user

by James Whatley 1st September 2010
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I wrote this post back in April earlier this year. I’d say around the 10th. Time got the better of me and I never got ’round to publishing. After much deliberation I thought I’d throw it up. Just in case it still holds weight. Your comments, as ever, are welcome… The N900 and the Nexus […]

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