The great 0870 swindle…

by Ben Smith 12th August 2010

Mobile operators in the UK are charging many times more for calls to ‘local rate’ numbers than calls to real geographic numbers, excluding them from bundled allowances and providing another unpleasant surprise for unwitting consumers. I moved house last weekend. Anyone following me on Twitter will know it all had to happen in a bit […]

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New devices in to review: Nokia C3 & Samsung Galaxy S

by Live Coverage 12th August 2010

Thanks to the people at Vodafone I have 2 new and very different devices to look at: the Nokia C3 and the Samsung Galaxy S. Very different (arguably the C3 isn’t a smartphone) but exciting for very different reasons…

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Boingo Wireless – expanding in the UK

by Jonathan Jensen 19th July 2010

Last week I caught up with Christian Gunning from Boingo. Having seen that Boingo will be the sole public WiFi provider at Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton airports in the UK, I was keen to understand Boingo’s plans for the UK. Boingo provides access to approximately 132,000 WiFi hotspots across 171 networks in 103 […]

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Five minutes with giffgaff founder Gav Thompson

by Vikki Chowney 29th June 2010
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giffgaff is a recent arrival in the UK – a ‘virtual’ mobile network operator using O2′s network that rewards its customers for helping to run the service (we covered the launch back in November) – so we were keen to find out from the man behind it all how it’s all been going since then… […]

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James Whatley: TV star & Roaming Guru

by Ben Smith 25th June 2010
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Hey! What’s that? It’s only James Freakin’ Whatley on my telebox! James has been chatting to the BBC about roaming costs (which guest contributor Ilicco Elia also covered recently) and the smart ways you can avoid (or at least reduce) them… It’s going to be a hot topic as World Cup fans return home over […]

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Want to know where the only iPhone 4s on 3UK are?

by Ben Smith 25th June 2010
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There was the predictable controlled chaos around the Apple Store on Regent Street. Queues snaked around the store, along the street and around the corner. At 6pm the line still contained many hundred of people – some estimates placing it at 1000. Bizarrely though, with the huge rush to purchase the device, inside the store […]

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Nokia still accidentally telling people N-Series dropping Symbian [Told You So]

by Ben Smith 23rd June 2010

Nokia have been at it again, only this time they blabbed to CNET Australia… As we reported back in November, it does look like they will be dropping Symbian from N-Series

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Why consumers are still confused about roaming costs… [Guest Post]

by Guest Contributor 21st June 2010

We laugh at the stories – the huge roaming bills for the unwary, the unwitting and occasionally the clueless, but is this fair? Is it actually possible for consumers to easily understand what data usage will cost them overseas? I was looking at the data tariffs each of the operators are charging (especially around roaming […]

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