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Video Quickies: Motorola Atrix

by Ben Smith 24th February 2011

Impressed by some of the business features the Motorola Atrix is sporting (such as finger-print authentication and a desktop environment with connections to remote applications) I shot 4 short videos of the device being demonstrated whilst at Mobile World Congress. Motorola’s not a name I’d come to expect much in the way of innovation from […]

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BlackBerry and beyond…

by Vikki Chowney 16th January 2011
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Though I failed to acknowledge it, the search for my perfect handset ended about six months ago when I started using the Nexus One. I’ve spoken before about  my new found love for Android (well, it was at the time) when I trialled the HTC Hero. In the end I found it lagged too much […]

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Dell Streak Give-away: We have a winner!

by Ben Smith 8th September 2010

Congratulations to Geoff Airey who was randomly selected from commenters and tweeters on our post about the Android 2.1 upgrade for the Streak and will soon be the proud (we assume) owner of one of his own.

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N900 vs Nexus One: Confessions of an Android user

by James Whatley 1st September 2010
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I wrote this post back in April earlier this year. I’d say around the 10th. Time got the better of me and I never got ’round to publishing. After much deliberation I thought I’d throw it up. Just in case it still holds weight. Your comments, as ever, are welcome… The N900 and the Nexus […]

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Where’s that Dell Streak 2.1 update? It’s here! [Final Update]

by Ben Smith 1st September 2010

We blogged the exclusive news direct (and official) from O2 that they were releasing Android 2.1 for the Dell Streak today and jolly pleased we were too. We’re giving one away (thanks to O2) too. So, it’s early evening time in the UK and we’re impatient so we got back on the phone to them […]

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Dell Streak goes Android 2.1

by Ben Smith 30th August 2010
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The Streak – Dell’s first Android device for the UK – offered exclusively by O2 – has suffered from a noticeably ageing OS since it launched running Android 1.6 in June.  However, new and existing owners will be able to upgrade to (the much improved) version 2.1 from the 1st September (Wednesday). Update: It’s now […]

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Living with the E72, or why Nokia’s finally lost me to Android

by Vikki Chowney 24th May 2010
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Continuing the never-ending search for my ‘next phone’, I’ve been trialling Nokia’s E72 for the past few months. Regular readers will know that my phone of choice was once the E71 (before it sadly broke last year, and this journey began), but I was all aware of its faults. Not long ago, Nokia reached out […]

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Do I need a Hero?

by Vikki Chowney 2nd March 2010
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As part of my ongoing search to find a new phone, those lovely folk at 3MobileBuzz recently sent me an HTC Hero to try out… It’s not the newest handset on the market granted, but I’ve heard good things about Android and after too many contract-based nightmares to count in the past – I’m a […]

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