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Want to know where the only iPhone 4s on 3UK are?

by Ben Smith 25th June 2010
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There was the predictable controlled chaos around the Apple Store on Regent Street. Queues snaked around the store, along the street and around the corner. At 6pm the line still contained many hundred of people – some estimates placing it at 1000. Bizarrely though, with the huge rush to purchase the device, inside the store […]

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iPhone OS 4: Welcome to fragmentation-land Apple [Updated]

by Ben Smith 9th April 2010
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Today Steve Jobs announced iPhone OS 4 – an update that includes long-awaited features such as multi-tasking… and that’s great.  However, whilst the fan-boys bicker about whether this is ‘years behind Symbian’ or ‘done right for the first time’ something more important has happened…

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Feature: Apple v HTC [Guest Post]

by Guest Contributor 5th March 2010
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In the last day or so, there’s been an astounding volume written about Apple suing HTC for various infringements. So I may as well chime in too… As someone who’s worked in the ‘telecommunications’ industry for 15 years, I absolutely despise the present patent system. I think it’s foolish that companies like Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, […]

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Dan Lane's State of Mobile AudioBoo

by Dan Lane 7th August 2009

I thought I’d try my hand at this AudioBoo lark and so I present to you five whole minutes of my inane ramblings about mobile in which I talk about; AudioBoo, Nokia, Apple, Palm, Google, INQ and SpinVox. I also point out the vastly contrasting head sizes of two industry figureheads: Christina Domecq of aforementioned […]

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Apple, I never thought I’d say it …

by Jonathan Jensen 13th July 2009

I never thought I’d say it but I much prefer my iPhone to my Nokia E63. I’ve played with the iPhone on a number of occasions and always been impressed by the user experience but felt it was lacking in a number of areas, for example the ability to customise it in the way you […]

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