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A Really Mobile Christmas

by Martyn Davies 23rd December 2009

As the Christmas Season rushes in on us, we thought it would be a good moment to reflect on the mobile apps this year that we particularly enjoyed at Really Mobile.  Which apps were the Marx Brothers, and which the Chuckle Brothers? Which were the cash cows and which the mad cows?  Which was 50cent, […]

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iPhone app: Gmail Alerts

by Dan Lane 9th October 2009

GMail Alerts (iTunes link) is an iPhone app and service that uses Apple’s push notification service to notify you of new mail arriving in your GMail account. Now I know what you’re going to say… “why would I use that? GMail supports push on the iPhone natively now” and yes, I thought the same thing […]

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Checking out the Ocado iPhone app

by Dan Lane 17th July 2009

Did you know you can make pies appear simply by tapping the screen on your iPhone?

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STOP PRESS: ShoZu to start charging!

by James Whatley 3rd June 2009

Really Mobile’s favourite sharing application announced today that “going forward”, it will begin charging for its initial download…

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The iPhone: making life easy for Normobs

by Jonathan Jensen 25th April 2009

Returning to my favourite theme of ‘Normobs‘, I’m intrigued by the way the iPhone has changed my wife Jo’s approach, not just to mobile telephony, but also to using her laptop. Since buying an iPhone she’s tended to use it for most of her emails and much of her web browsing. For Internet use the […]

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