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Business & the future of mobile tech

by Ben Smith 13th June 2010
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Much discussion of the current – blistering – pace of innovation in mobile technology focuses on the consumers and services for them. However, many of the recent advances will also give huge benefits for businesses too… In my role as the ‘one in the suit’ I am occasionally asked by people who ought to know […]

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'Free' data roaming on Orange (for businesses)

by Ben Smith 24th July 2009

Unusually interesting news in from the people at Orange, France Telecom’s hard-to-love network (at least in the UK) which hasn’t been the source of much excitement for some time… As part of their ‘Orange Travel‘ initiative they’re now offering a range of bundles that allow multi-national corporations to provide ‘no roaming cost’ international data for […]

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Apple, I never thought I’d say it …

by Jonathan Jensen 13th July 2009

I never thought I’d say it but I much prefer my iPhone to my Nokia E63. I’ve played with the iPhone on a number of occasions and always been impressed by the user experience but felt it was lacking in a number of areas, for example the ability to customise it in the way you […]

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