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More gaff than giff: The consumer-run network falters

by Dan Lane 24th August 2010
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If O2 was a comedy club (and sometimes I’m not entirely convinced it isn’t) then giffgaff would certainly be the equivalent of Open Mike night… Or Amateur Hour. When giffgaff launched their service last November I said “Watch this space to see giffgaff become a tremendous success… or a horrific disaster” and unfortunately 9 months […]

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Nokia Customer Service… Fish, Barrel, Shooting…

by Ben Smith 18th February 2010
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Nokia. Say what you like about their phones and software (and indeed we do), plenty of people like them and they can’t all be wrong… (can they?) Their customer service, however, often leaves a lot to be desired – we’ve covered it before at length. So here for your guffawing pleasure is their response to […]

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How much does an N900 cost? Nokia don't know…

by Ben Smith 4th December 2009

“How much for an N900?”, a friend asks.  Hmmm… I’m not sure. I got a discount code when ordering mine, but otherwise it was always £499 in the Nokia online store. I’ll just check Google… Oh wow! A sponsored search listing right at the top of the page! It looks like they’ve discounted it £50 […]

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Nokia Online Store fails to impress…

by Ben Smith 28th November 2009

If you’ve been following me on Twitter then you’ll have seen my recent frustration at the delays in shipping a pre-ordered N900, but this post isn’t about that. This post is about the Online Store itself…  What better place could there be to buy a new Nokia handset? Quite a few, it appears (for the […]

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Is it Christmas? Samsung's brought a turkey [Samsung Galaxy (again)]

by Ben Smith 8th October 2009

Just when I thought the Samsung Galaxy (GT-I7500 to its few friends) couldn’t disappoint any more… I discovered it could.  Software updating (or rather the lack of it) adds a world of pain to the already disappointing experience. A few weeks ago I blogged my excitement and then disappointment with the Samsung Galaxy – its […]

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SpinVox's first carrier partner seeks alternatives

by Dan Lane 24th September 2009

Another week and yet another kick in the teeth for the suffering voice-to-text firm SpinVox as their first ever carrier partner is very publicly looking to replace them… A quick peek at the “Procurement Opportunities” page of SaskTel (“the leading full service communications provider in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan”) shows that they are looking […]

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Vodafone pay as you go is down for the weekend

by Dan Lane 5th September 2009

We’re hearing that Vodafone UK’s pay as you go top-up service has been completely unavailable since some time yesterday and that the fault most likely won’t be rectified until at least midday tomorrow. While those with sufficient credit won’t notice the outage anyone planning on topping up their credit will be left unable to top-up. […]

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Ovi Store: 'Comes Without Customer Service'

by Ben Smith 10th June 2009

One week ago I made my first Ovi Store purchase.  I’d played around with it on launch day and voiced my concerns, but to be fair to Nokia the download and install of free apps did work well.  So… time to test the much-celebrated operator billing…. I decided to buy Gravity – Jan Ole Suhr’s […]

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