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Moto CLIQ / DEXT: Another Android battery muncher? (An emerging theme?)

by Ben Smith 28th September 2009

Within seconds of its announcement I knew I wouldn’t be buying Motorola’s new DEXT (CLIQ in the US) Android handset, however exciting their social aggregation platform BLUR looked. It’s an exclusive to Orange at launch… However, it is an important release… For Android-fans (that’s me) handset choices have been far too limited. HTC‘s build quality […]

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Samsung Galaxy i7500: First look & unboxing

by Ben Smith 21st September 2009

I’d been looking forward to seeing the Samsung Galaxy for some time… Having fallen in-love with Android on my G1, but out of love with its poor build quality and chunky dimensions HTC’s Hero was looking like the only option for a better-made, better-specified device (until LG and Motorola‘s announcements last week) and even that […]

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