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More gaff than giff: The consumer-run network falters

by Dan Lane 24th August 2010
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If O2 was a comedy club (and sometimes I’m not entirely convinced it isn’t) then giffgaff would certainly be the equivalent of Open Mike night… Or Amateur Hour. When giffgaff launched their service last November I said “Watch this space to see giffgaff become a tremendous success… or a horrific disaster” and unfortunately 9 months […]

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Five minutes with giffgaff founder Gav Thompson

by Vikki Chowney 29th June 2010
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giffgaff is a recent arrival in the UK – a ‘virtual’ mobile network operator using O2′s network that rewards its customers for helping to run the service (we covered the launch back in November) – so we were keen to find out from the man behind it all how it’s all been going since then… […]

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giffgaff announces 'goodybags' pricing

by Ben Smith 15th April 2010
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giffgaff – the recently launched mobile network (see our launch coverage) which rewards users for helping each other and marketing the brand – has announced pricing bundles in the form of ‘goodybags’. These bundles last 30 days and give a mixture of calling, texts and internet access. Prices are good (very good), but best of […]

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The lowdown on giffgaff

by Dan Lane 26th November 2009

giffgaff (uncomfortably all lowercase) is a brand new pay-as-you-go MVNO backed by O2 (and using the O2 network) that claims to be “The People Powered Network”, they launched their service yesterday morning and I was lucky enough to get up close and personal with the giffgaff management team to get the lowdown on this unique […]

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giffgaff gives the goss (on pricing)

by James Whatley 16th October 2009

giffgaff, the people-powered network to whom we gave (what we thought was) a fair preview of, has released a teensy bit of news about their pricing. Well, that’s not strictly true, but we’ll come back to that part shortly…. The ‘news’, coming in the form of a blog post from marketing chief, Kylie (no – […]

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So much news, so little time…

by James Whatley 25th September 2009

After yesterday’s triple whammy from Ben, Vikki and Dan, it’s time for me to stroll back into Really Mobile town with three stories of my own that I’ve been watching unfold from afar. You see, I’m in Pittsburgh at the moment and, along with a certain Vikki Chowney, I’m helping cover the G20 Summit with […]

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