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The Huawei G6600 looks oddly familiar…

by Ben Smith 4th November 2009

The Bluetooth SIG have – once again – leaked a much anticipated handset…. This time it’s the Huawei G6600, a QWERTY form-factor handset presumed to run Android. A QWERTY Android device from the Chinese giant… Nice. Android’s still better with a full keyboard in my (not so humble) opinion). However, if I was the design […]

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Yes. INQ have launched some Twitter phones.

by Ben Smith 4th August 2009

Less of a surprise than it might have been after we caught INQ staff twittering freely from handsets shown by Twitter as ‘My INQ Mobile’ and already confirmed by INQ big-cheese Frank Meehan in a tweet of his own, INQ have today announced the INQ Chat and the INQ Mini – a QWERTY and slim […]

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