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iNum: one global phone number

by Jonathan Jensen 8th December 2009

This week I had a chat with Tim Behrsin, who heads up the iNum division at Voxbone. iNum (which stands for ‘international number’)  launched in 2008 and has been busy building interconnect agreements and signing service providers over the last year. The concept behind iNum is a single global phone number that isn’t tied to a specific […]

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Q&A with Rod Ullens of Voxbone

by Martyn Davies 2nd October 2009

Rod Ullens is the CEO of Voxbone, who have launched an initiative called iNum which creates a “virtual country” with its own country-code +883.  This so-called “Earth code” allows any iNum user to call any other free (or at least very cheaply) regardless of the physical geography of either.  iNum uses international IP networking, and […]

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