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iPhone OS 4: Welcome to fragmentation-land Apple [Updated]

by Ben Smith 9th April 2010
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Today Steve Jobs announced iPhone OS 4 – an update that includes long-awaited features such as multi-tasking… and that’s great.  However, whilst the fan-boys bicker about whether this is ‘years behind Symbian’ or ‘done right for the first time’ something more important has happened…

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Go car shopping… on your iPhone

by Ben Smith 16th March 2010
Autotrader iPhone Application

Autotrader – the popular UK-based motoring website and magazine – has launched an iPhone application today adding to their existing mobile site. Best known for it’s classified listings this application provides access to Autotrader’s huge database of vehicles for sale but allows users to search locally to them using the phone’s GPS.  Cleverly though, it […]

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Recess: Still plenty of great uses for SMS

by Ben Smith 23rd February 2010
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Recess is an iPhone app that lets businesses manage and track business waiting lists – such as restaurants’ – through an iPhone app.

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Google Buzz: where's the love?

by James Whatley 10th February 2010

Last night, as I was leaving the office to go play football, word was spilling out onto the interwebs about a brand new Google service. “Social features!” some said, “Keep your friends updated”, whispered others but, it was only when I saw the sad, inevitable combination of words that make up the phrase “Twitter Killer” […]

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From N95, to E75 and beyond. Where next?

by Vikki Chowney 29th January 2010

Here we are again; I find myself deliberating which phone to move on to next. Post-E71 meltdown last year (RIP), I took a step backwards and reverted to my trusty N95 8GB. All was well, as I truly believe that it’s best content creator out there for a blogger. I loved being able to take […]

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My Phone of the Year

by James Whatley 30th December 2009

Now that’s a fair amount of linkbait right there, but before I reveal which handset I’m going to bestow such a high prize upon (chortle), let’s first cover off those who definitely haven’t won my phone of the year. The first phone it’s definitely not, is the iPhone. Before you all launch into the whole […]

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O2 confirm iPhone launch on Tesco Mobile

by Dan Lane 10th December 2009

UK supermarket chain Tesco isn’t exactly known for it’s premium brand (apparently sitting between Asda and Sainsbury’s in the ‘Supermarket Snobbery’ charts) but that doesn’t mean customers of their MVNO offering have to go without… The iPhone 3G and 3GS will be available on the network from Monday on both Pay As You Go and […]

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First Look: FREETALK Everyman headset for Skype

by Jonathan Jensen 3rd November 2009

I’ve used a number of headsets over the years with variable results and recently I’ve been using the FREETALK Everyman headset. The headset has been optimised for Skype which means it supports Skype’s SILK codec and makes it a great choice if you’re a Skype fan. The headset is designed to be used when travelling […]

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