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James Whatley: TV star & Roaming Guru

by Ben Smith 25th June 2010
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Hey! What’s that? It’s only James Freakin’ Whatley on my telebox! James has been chatting to the BBC about roaming costs (which guest contributor Ilicco Elia also covered recently) and the smart ways you can avoid (or at least reduce) them… It’s going to be a hot topic as World Cup fans return home over […]

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Exclusive: James Whatley announces he [CONFIRMATION OR DENIAL] a co-founder of The Really Mobile Project

by Ben Smith 3rd August 2009

After much speculation across the internet we can [CONFIRM or DENY] James Whatley is a co-founder of recently-launched mobile blog ‘The Really Mobile Project’. For those wondering if we’ve gone quite mad, the answer’s ‘no’, but the rest of the world has. In the midst of an already-tough few weeks as James has been simultaneously […]

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Smith & Whatley: At the N97 launch party

by Ben Smith 17th June 2009

I ventured into London once again this evening to hoover up some free orange juice (it’s a school night) and witness the launch party for the N97, which we’ve been playing with for a little while now (well, since February if you count the prototypes) .  We were amongst good company as Stephen Fry put […]

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Whatley talks Apps on the Beeb

by James Whatley 21st April 2009

Our own James Whatley talks application stores with Rory Cellan-Jones in a feature that originally broadcast on the BBC’s 6pm evening news.  Rory also posted a follow-up to the blog including an extended interview with Malcolm Barclay the iPhone developer featured.

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