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Want to know where the only iPhone 4s on 3UK are?

by Ben Smith 25th June 2010
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There was the predictable controlled chaos around the Apple Store on Regent Street. Queues snaked around the store, along the street and around the corner. At 6pm the line still contained many hundred of people – some estimates placing it at 1000. Bizarrely though, with the huge rush to purchase the device, inside the store […]

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Nokia launches C3, C6 & E5 messaging & social networking handsets [updated]

by Ben Smith 13th April 2010
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Nokia are announcing 3 new handsets at a global virtual event this morning – the C3, C6 and E5.  All three come with full QWERTY keyboards and are focused on messaging and social networking applications with software add-ons to support these features. Using the recently-revised naming system, the ‘C’ range is consumer-focused with the ‘E’ […]

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Broadband in your car [MiFi]

by Ben Smith 7th April 2010
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Today UK mobile network Three have announced they’re now selling their MiFi ‘personal hotspot’ devices with a bundle of accessories to make them suitable for in-car use, including mains and in-car chargers as well as a windscreen mount. This, plus the MiFi itself with a ‘pay as you go mobile broadband‘ service and 1GB of […]

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O2 confirm iPhone launch on Tesco Mobile

by Dan Lane 10th December 2009

UK supermarket chain Tesco isn’t exactly known for it’s premium brand (apparently sitting between Asda and Sainsbury’s in the ‘Supermarket Snobbery’ charts) but that doesn’t mean customers of their MVNO offering have to go without… The iPhone 3G and 3GS will be available on the network from Monday on both Pay As You Go and […]

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The lowdown on giffgaff

by Dan Lane 26th November 2009

giffgaff (uncomfortably all lowercase) is a brand new pay-as-you-go MVNO backed by O2 (and using the O2 network) that claims to be “The People Powered Network”, they launched their service yesterday morning and I was lucky enough to get up close and personal with the giffgaff management team to get the lowdown on this unique […]

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Opinion: The Nokia N900

by Dan Lane 13th November 2009

For some reason the mobile industry has started to bore me. There has been very little released recently that has actually excited me. No real revolution to speak of. There was a new revision of the iPhone in the iPhone 3GS, Android has continued it’s slow plodding march to world domination and there was that […]

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Symbian Horizon: Here we go again…

by Ben Smith 4th November 2009

Criticising awful application stores has been a hobby of ours for some time now. Symbian Horizon‘s not an application store, but it should be much, much better… On this performance Symbian apps will soon be little more than an enthusiasts’ playground and a commercial train-wreck. Launched this week, Symbian Horizon is both a developer-support programme […]

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Underwhelmed by Pre launch buzz

by Ben Smith 16th October 2009

It’s now only about 7 hours until the Palm Pre goes on sale in the UK.  We went to the launch party earlier in the week, but since then there’s been little buzz about the device.  Twitter’s been pretty quiet  on the subject, and even the subject of some teasing on the subject… …even the […]

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