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Location-based gaming & spotting problems with the power of the crowd [Guest Post]

by Guest Contributor 29th September 2010
How do you check-in with this...?

Ever since I first entered the world of the smart phone three years ago, my train journeys to and from London have been a different experience for me. Long gone are the days of just listening to my MP3 player and reading the free rag… Now I listen to my music while playing games or […]

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Dear World (and especially Robert Scoble)

by James Whatley 4th June 2010

Today I read a fantastically thought-provoking piece from Robert Scoble. Yes, that guy. Love him or hate him, he is talented and he definitely knows a thing or two about tech. We’ve had our fallings out over mobile from time to time, but overall – he’s a good guy. The post in question, entitled Location […]

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The Week in Bullshit:

by Ben Smith 23rd February 2010
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Sometimes smart people do dumb things… and we should forgive them. No one’s perfect. But sometime smart people use their smartness to mislead and scare a lot of people in a polished but mis-guided attention-seeking stunt and then they deserved to get hit with a tidal-wave of vitriol. This post started life on Friday as […]

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