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Video: N900 running Android [Deep Joy]

by Ben Smith 23rd January 2010

YouTube user ‘bdogg64‘ Brandon Roberts has posted this first (as far as  I know) footage of an N900 being hacked to dual boot Maemo and Android.  The Android install is far from usable yet, but it works… Perhaps I will – one day – be able to satisfy my love for Android and my desire […]

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Nokia dropping Symbian from N-Series by 2012 [UPDATED]

by Ben Smith 18th November 2009

This evening, at the official N900 meet-up in London, Tanja Sauvola from the Maemo marketing team revealed in a Q&A with bloggers (after giving the first of the evening’s three presentations) that Nokia plan to drop Symbian from the entire ‘top end’ N-Series range of handsets in favour of Maemo by 2012. The transition will […]

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