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Can you switch from a dongle to a MiFi? [Reader question]

by Ben Smith 4th February 2011
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Reader Sami has written-in with a question… My company kindly provides me with a (limitless?) Vodafone dongle for my laptop so I can work on the go. I recently got a WiFi iPad and I’m finding it easier to carry and use but I have to be in a WiFi area to use it for […]

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November is MiFi month: Orange launch theirs

by Ben Smith 4th November 2010
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It seems like only yesterday I was blogging T-Mobile’s new mobile WiFi device the ‘Wireless Pointer’ (actually, it was yesterday). Now Orange have launched their own one as well…

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The ‘Mobile WiFi Challenge’

by Ben Smith 24th September 2010
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Is it possible to live by mobile broadband alone…? No broadband, no WiFi hotspots and (thank goodness) no dial-up? What about giving up dongles too…? Is a MiFi enough? Well, un-clench your thinking muscles… I’m about to find out for you in a side-project I’m calling a Mobile WiFi Challenge (I know… snappy).

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Vodafone Mobile WiFi in the house. Any questions?

by Ben Smith 17th August 2010

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s announcement we have an actual Vodafone Mobile WiFi device (an R201 to its friends) device in from Vodafone to test.

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Vodafone UK launch ‘Mobile WiFi’ in UK but don’t call it ‘MiFi’

by Ben Smith 16th August 2010

Today Vodafone UK have announced their ‘Mobile WiFi’ product. It’s a roughly credit-card sized (and a centimetre thick) gizmo that shares a mobile broadband connection between up to 5 devices over WiFi. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s a MiFi. Except Vodafone can’t call it that because – in the UK at least – Three have the […]

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