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Video Quickies: Motorola Atrix

by Ben Smith 24th February 2011

Impressed by some of the business features the Motorola Atrix is sporting (such as finger-print authentication and a desktop environment with connections to remote applications) I shot 4 short videos of the device being demonstrated whilst at Mobile World Congress. Motorola’s not a name I’d come to expect much in the way of innovation from […]

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The Reading List: Sat 3rd October

by Ben Smith 3rd October 2009

Welcome to a new feature we’re testing on The Really Mobile Project from this week… The ‘Reading List’. The Reading List is a short selection of the stories that interested us over the last week for you to browse over brunch / a pint / in the park with your cider in a paper bag […]

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Moto CLIQ / DEXT: Another Android battery muncher? (An emerging theme?)

by Ben Smith 28th September 2009

Within seconds of its announcement I knew I wouldn’t be buying Motorola’s new DEXT (CLIQ in the US) Android handset, however exciting their social aggregation platform BLUR looked. It’s an exclusive to Orange at launch… However, it is an important release… For Android-fans (that’s me) handset choices have been far too limited. HTC‘s build quality […]

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