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O2 confirm iPhone launch on Tesco Mobile

by Dan Lane 10th December 2009

UK supermarket chain Tesco isn’t exactly known for it’s premium brand (apparently sitting between Asda and Sainsbury’s in the ‘Supermarket Snobbery’ charts) but that doesn’t mean customers of their MVNO offering have to go without… The iPhone 3G and 3GS will be available on the network from Monday on both Pay As You Go and […]

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The lowdown on giffgaff

by Dan Lane 26th November 2009

giffgaff (uncomfortably all lowercase) is a brand new pay-as-you-go MVNO backed by O2 (and using the O2 network) that claims to be “The People Powered Network”, they launched their service yesterday morning and I was lucky enough to get up close and personal with the giffgaff management team to get the lowdown on this unique […]

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giffgaff gives the goss (on pricing)

by James Whatley 16th October 2009

giffgaff, the people-powered network to whom we gave (what we thought was) a fair preview of, has released a teensy bit of news about their pricing. Well, that’s not strictly true, but we’ll come back to that part shortly…. The ‘news’, coming in the form of a blog post from marketing chief, Kylie (no – […]

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So much news, so little time…

by James Whatley 25th September 2009

After yesterday’s triple whammy from Ben, Vikki and Dan, it’s time for me to stroll back into Really Mobile town with three stories of my own that I’ve been watching unfold from afar. You see, I’m in Pittsburgh at the moment and, along with a certain Vikki Chowney, I’m helping cover the G20 Summit with […]

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Things not as Blyk and white as they seem

by Ricky Chotai 19th May 2009

Last week Newagemedia ‘broke the news’ that “Blyk is preparing to close down its direct-to-consumer business to focus on operator partnerships”. The article caused a massive amount of reaction in the blogosphere, however it’s incorrect…

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Lebara create 200 jobs and become one of the leading UK MVNO players

by Ricky Chotai 13th May 2009

Lebara Mobile has just announced that in the recession it will be creating jobs in the sector; in particular in the UK this will be their call centre operations as reported by Mobile Today. I wanted to look at why Lebara Mobile is doing so well, especially in comparison to its other MVNO competitors targeting […]

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