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And… the winners are…

by Ben Smith 25th March 2010
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Thank-you to everyone who entered and tweeted our recent competition to win one of Nokia’s E55,  E75 or N97 and a mystery prize for a random tweeter. You’re a creative bunch and we laughed a lot….

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Win phones: Nokia's E55, E75 and N97 [Closed - judging]

by Ben Smith 15th March 2010
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Entries are now closed  and the winners have been announced. The people from Nokia have given us three phones to give away to Really Mobile readers – having forgotten that post (we assume) or (more probably) taken it in good humour… so make us laugh and get winning! We’ve got an E55, an E75 and […]

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The N97 Mini: Comparison shots

by Ben Smith 21st September 2009

Whilst in Budapest watching (and occasionally being-in) Nokia’s latest viral video shoot I got to play with some of their most-recently announced products and I’ll be writing more about them shortly.  However, the device I managed to leave Hungary having barely looked at and not even photographed (I really am a terrible blogger) was the […]

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Nokia N97: The Definitive Verdict (maybe)

by Ben Smith 22nd June 2009

On the week of launch with UK network operators the team give you their verdict on Nokia’s new flagship N-series device the N97. Should you buy it?

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Smith & Whatley: At the N97 launch party

by Ben Smith 17th June 2009

I ventured into London once again this evening to hoover up some free orange juice (it’s a school night) and witness the launch party for the N97, which we’ve been playing with for a little while now (well, since February if you count the prototypes) .  We were amongst good company as Stephen Fry put […]

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Announcing: The Really Mobile Project 'Week Of Win'

by Ben Smith 8th June 2009

Yes it’s our first ever AudioBoo and our first ever big-prize give-away….with a top prize of a new N97! Have a listen to find out how you could win SIM4Travel SIM cards, an LG Arena, a Sony Ericsson W705 with Zeemote Bluetooth joystick or a Nokia N97. Yes… a very lucky person is going to […]

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N97 / N82 / HTC Magic Camera Comparison

by Ben Smith 4th June 2009

Initial impressions coming soon, but in the meantime – since lots of people were asking about the camera – here’s some comparison shots between the N97 and Nokia’s previous top-performing camera phone (in my opinion) the N82…. oh and the HTC Magic as a mid-range benchmark (and kicks, but mostly as a benchmark). It’s not […]

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N97: Unboxing

by Ben Smith 3rd June 2009

A few quick un-boxing images of the N97 in production packaging.  We’ll be reviewing one of the first production units in the UK – let us know your comments and questions in the comments.

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