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More gaff than giff: The consumer-run network falters

by Dan Lane 24th August 2010
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If O2 was a comedy club (and sometimes I’m not entirely convinced it isn’t) then giffgaff would certainly be the equivalent of Open Mike night… Or Amateur Hour. When giffgaff launched their service last November I said “Watch this space to see giffgaff become a tremendous success… or a horrific disaster” and unfortunately 9 months […]

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Vodafone pay as you go is down for the weekend

by Dan Lane 5th September 2009

We’re hearing that Vodafone UK’s pay as you go top-up service has been completely unavailable since some time yesterday and that the fault most likely won’t be rectified until at least midday tomorrow. While those with sufficient credit won’t notice the outage anyone planning on topping up their credit will be left unable to top-up. […]

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