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Exclusive: Ovi Store ships Hi-Def Movie

by Ben Smith 10th December 2009

EXCLUSIVE: The Ovi Store team added an specially selected, full-length Hi-Def feature film to their catalogue exclusively for one customer (me!) today… It was hand-delivered from Finland by George Linardos, Nokia’s Vice President, Products, Media & Games. It seems they were concerned about my recent dis-interest in their extensive Hannah Montana catalogue…  I’ll have a […]

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Opinion: The Nokia N900

by Dan Lane 13th November 2009

For some reason the mobile industry has started to bore me. There has been very little released recently that has actually excited me. No real revolution to speak of. There was a new revision of the iPhone in the iPhone 3GS, Android has continued it’s slow plodding march to world domination and there was that […]

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Shopping at the OVI store…

by Ben Smith 19th October 2009

A tale of woe about shopping in the OVI store… “Would you like a Hannah Montana screen-saver with that?” It would be funny if it weren’t true.

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Ovi Store: 'Comes Without Customer Service'

by Ben Smith 10th June 2009

One week ago I made my first Ovi Store purchase.  I’d played around with it on launch day and voiced my concerns, but to be fair to Nokia the download and install of free apps did work well.  So… time to test the much-celebrated operator billing…. I decided to buy Gravity – Jan Ole Suhr’s […]

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App Stores: How hard can it be? [Nokia Ovi Store]

by Ben Smith 26th May 2009

With the launch of Nokia’s OVI store today many, including myself, were expecting – even hoping – that Nokia would re-assert its authority and roll out the ‘mother of all app stores’. The signs have certainly been positive – built-in operator billing (where operators wanted it) and a market that put content and apps side-by-side in an even more seamless way than Apple’s effort were all good news, but now it’s live I worry Nokia are clutching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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