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Stop complaining about UK iPad prices. They're fine.

by Ben Smith 10th May 2010
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iPad prices in the UK are not excessive compared to US pricing. If you want to whine about ‘rip-off Britain’ you’ll need to find some other reason to do it. I suggest you pop over to the Daily Mail* where you’ll find an equal number of other clueless people. * No, I’m not linking there. […]

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giffgaff announces 'goodybags' pricing

by Ben Smith 15th April 2010
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giffgaff – the recently launched mobile network (see our launch coverage) which rewards users for helping each other and marketing the brand – has announced pricing bundles in the form of ‘goodybags’. These bundles last 30 days and give a mixture of calling, texts and internet access. Prices are good (very good), but best of […]

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How much does an N900 cost? Nokia don't know…

by Ben Smith 4th December 2009

“How much for an N900?”, a friend asks.  Hmmm… I’m not sure. I got a discount code when ordering mine, but otherwise it was always £499 in the Nokia online store. I’ll just check Google… Oh wow! A sponsored search listing right at the top of the page! It looks like they’ve discounted it £50 […]

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giffgaff gives the goss (on pricing)

by James Whatley 16th October 2009

giffgaff, the people-powered network to whom we gave (what we thought was) a fair preview of, has released a teensy bit of news about their pricing. Well, that’s not strictly true, but we’ll come back to that part shortly…. The ‘news’, coming in the form of a blog post from marketing chief, Kylie (no – […]

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You're charging how much?!

by James Whatley 1st July 2009

As you may know, recently I trialled the Vodafone HTC Magic. This I found to be a thorughly enjoyable experience and I’ve had no problems since recommending this handset to those to whom it would fit.

One thing I didn’t touch upon during the review however was the rather awesome pleasure of being able to charge my handset via USB.

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