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Location-based gaming & spotting problems with the power of the crowd [Guest Post]

by Guest Contributor 29th September 2010
How do you check-in with this...?

Ever since I first entered the world of the smart phone three years ago, my train journeys to and from London have been a different experience for me. Long gone are the days of just listening to my MP3 player and reading the free rag… Now I listen to my music while playing games or […]

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There are no good enterprise mobiles…

by Ben Smith 16th December 2009

There are no good mobiles for the enterprise… That’s the grim realisation I’ve come to over the last few weeks.  There are plenty to chose from, but stop buying for yourself and try buying for 100s of people considering all the costs. Then choose one that will be reliable enough to entrust your business and […]

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