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Samsung Bring Down the Shutters on Symbian

by Martyn Davies 1st October 2010

Samsung today abandoned Symbian support with an email blast to their developer community. According to Samsung Mobile Innovator, the shutters will come down rapidly, with the developer forum closing and even the existing content being purged  at the end of December this year.  Samsung has been pursuing its own developer strategy with the Bada platform […]

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New devices in to review: Nokia C3 & Samsung Galaxy S

by Live Coverage 12th August 2010

Thanks to the people at Vodafone I have 2 new and very different devices to look at: the Nokia C3 and the Samsung Galaxy S. Very different (arguably the C3 isn’t a smartphone) but exciting for very different reasons…

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Is it Christmas? Samsung's brought a turkey [Samsung Galaxy (again)]

by Ben Smith 8th October 2009

Just when I thought the Samsung Galaxy (GT-I7500 to its few friends) couldn’t disappoint any more… I discovered it could.  Software updating (or rather the lack of it) adds a world of pain to the already disappointing experience. A few weeks ago I blogged my excitement and then disappointment with the Samsung Galaxy – its […]

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Moto CLIQ / DEXT: Another Android battery muncher? (An emerging theme?)

by Ben Smith 28th September 2009

Within seconds of its announcement I knew I wouldn’t be buying Motorola’s new DEXT (CLIQ in the US) Android handset, however exciting their social aggregation platform BLUR looked. It’s an exclusive to Orange at launch… However, it is an important release… For Android-fans (that’s me) handset choices have been far too limited. HTC‘s build quality […]

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Interface Preview: Vodafone 360 Samsung H1

by Ben Smith 25th September 2009

Following the official launch of Vodafone 360 today, this short preview of the Samsung H1 arrived in our inbox today without much explanation…  We haven’t seen it elsewhere so we’ll share it with you. If you’ve seen any other videos of interface walk-throughs please let us know in the comments.  There’s already an official simulator […]

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Samsung Galaxy i7500: First look & unboxing

by Ben Smith 21st September 2009

I’d been looking forward to seeing the Samsung Galaxy for some time… Having fallen in-love with Android on my G1, but out of love with its poor build quality and chunky dimensions HTC’s Hero was looking like the only option for a better-made, better-specified device (until LG and Motorola‘s announcements last week) and even that […]

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The Million project; a Marketer's dream come true

by Vikki Chowney 15th August 2009

I read a piece yesterday about the Million project in New York (named as such to reference the city’s 1.1 million students), which is an incentive-based scheme that rewards good behaviour and grades with mobile credit. In their words, the project aims to provide ‘short-term incentives to motivate students, increase classroom participation and contribute to […]

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Samsung Innovation Quest goes for widgets

by Martyn Davies 23rd June 2009

The Samsung i8910 is Samsung’s HD-video enabled handset based on Symbian S60.  Visitors to the Samsung stand at the Mobile World Congress back in February would have seen a video wall of these units showing off their vivid screen colours via the AMOLED display. By way of celebrating the i8910, Samsung are launching a new […]

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