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Evernote and Nokia Stickers 'n Free Stuff

by Ben Smith 9th August 2009

Would you like some free stuff? You would? Well read on… Because it just so happens free stuff is what we got… and in the form of stickers too… which we all know are more highly prized by bloggers than cash or human affection. To celebrate quite how much we love Evernote here at The […]

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Search for N: Clue 3 (part 4!)

by Ben Smith 30th May 2009

Clue 3 comes in 4 parts… we snagged part 4. See here for clue 2 and clue 1.

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Search for N: Clue 2

by Ben Smith 29th May 2009

Right on cue the second clue in the series of five popped into my e-mail today pointing to some images on Ovi Share.  This one seems tougher than yesterday’s… still if there’s some N-related prizes it’s worth a bit of brain-time. No help from me today! …but see these guys for enough help to solve […]

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Search for N: Clue 1

by Ben Smith 27th May 2009

After last week’s excitement the first clue made it to me in a surprising form today: Flicking through the book, I didn’t notice anything odd about it, other than Helsinki looks like a great place to head to for the next city-break.  I put it aside and went off to organise awesome things for our […]

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