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Search for N: Clue 3 (part 4!)

by Ben Smith 30th May 2009

Clue 3 comes in 4 parts… we snagged part 4. See here for clue 2 and clue 1.

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Search for N: Clue 2

by Ben Smith 29th May 2009

Right on cue the second clue in the series of five popped into my e-mail today pointing to some images on Ovi Share.  This one seems tougher than yesterday’s… still if there’s some N-related prizes it’s worth a bit of brain-time. No help from me today! …but see these guys for enough help to solve […]

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Search for N: Clue 1

by Ben Smith 27th May 2009

After last week’s excitement the first clue made it to me in a surprising form today: Flicking through the book, I didn’t notice anything odd about it, other than Helsinki looks like a great place to head to for the next city-break.  I put it aside and went off to organise awesome things for our […]

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Exclusive: The search for the N…

by Ben Smith 21st May 2009

Fancy a super-duper exclusive?  Okay then… It looks like Nokia are going to have some fun with the launch of their next N-series device.  The Really Mobile Project can exclusively reveal the launch of a cryptic treasure-hunt starting today. Accompanied by images of the forthcoming N97 device, we were handed the first piece of the […]

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