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T-Mobile Launch the ‘Wireless Pointer’ [Oddest. Named. MiFi. Ever]

by Ben Smith 3rd November 2010
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The news is 2 days old now, but we missed all the fun then so… T-Mobile have got their act together and launched a Mobile WiFi device (MiFi) akin to the Three and Vodafone ones already on the market. I wrote up what little info there is for my Mobile WiFi Challenge Blog, but we’ll […]

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The Reading List: Sat 3rd October

by Ben Smith 3rd October 2009

Welcome to a new feature we’re testing on The Really Mobile Project from this week… The ‘Reading List’. The Reading List is a short selection of the stories that interested us over the last week for you to browse over brunch / a pint / in the park with your cider in a paper bag […]

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Google Latitude on iPhone and UK T-Mobile G1

by Ben Smith 24th July 2009

Two Google Latitude stories in one day?  It’s a blogger’s dream… Brace yourselves….  The occasionally-controversial social location sharing service is now available on two new handsets – one by design and the other… Well, read on. The big Latitude news today is that Google’s added support for the iPhone… it’s horribly crippled by the need […]

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T-Mobile launches Together Rewards

by Ricky Chotai 27th May 2009

O2 has their treats, Orange has Orange Wednesdays and now it seems like T-Mobile are jumping on the bandwagon and are launching Together Rewards. Together Rewards is available for both Pay as You Go Customers (minimum £10 spend) and all Post Pay customers. You can sign up on the phone, in store or online (via […]

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Mobile Networks and Engagement on Twitter

by Ricky Chotai 12th May 2009

This post is based on the 5 network operators here in the UK. I did not expand my research into the MVNOs and foreign operators, however if you do have more information feel free post to below in the comments. Over the last few weeks Vodafone have been running a twitter hunt, where they have […]

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T-Mobile's Content Block System: Broken

by Ben Smith 11th May 2009

Having got my Cupcake over-the-air firmware update for my G1 on Friday morning I was looking forward to a weekend of ‘spot the difference’ and loading my first widgets.  It would appear T-Mobile have different ideas… From about mid-afternoon on Friday access to the Android Marketplace and many websites has been prevented by their content-blocking […]

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