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Introducing the Vodafone Mobile WiFi R201 (next to the Three MiFi E585)

by Ben Smith 18th August 2010
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Vodafone’s Mobile WiFi R201 is fresh out of the blocks. However its most important test will be how it shapes up against Three’s popular 2nd generation MiFi. Now we have our hands on both, side-by side, we’ve lined them up for a detailed comparison ahead of some real-world testing. Here’s the short version: They’re practically […]

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3UK iPad SIMs beat the rest on contract tariffs

by Ben Smith 25th May 2010
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3 have announced they too will be selling iPad SIMs on a dedicated tariff, having reached an agreement with Apple…  It also looks like they’ll be the best value for most UK iPad 3G owners. We’re not quite sure what kind of deal they needed to cut (“Can I sell SIMs for your product?” “Um, […]

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Broadband in your car [MiFi]

by Ben Smith 7th April 2010
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Today UK mobile network Three have announced they’re now selling their MiFi ‘personal hotspot’ devices with a bundle of accessories to make them suitable for in-car use, including mains and in-car chargers as well as a windscreen mount. This, plus the MiFi itself with a ‘pay as you go mobile broadband‘ service and 1GB of […]

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Battle of the MiFis… Round 1

by Ben Smith 15th September 2009

I took a quick look at the Novatel MiFi 2352 ‘mobile hotspot’ last week, which is avaiable SIM-free now or expected on Vodafone soon. Today, 3UK have announced their offering – available online on Thursday 17th and in stores the next day – last night… The Huwei E5830.  It’s available for £69 with a rolling […]

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3UK Confirm Android and INQ Mini 'in weeks'

by Ben Smith 15th September 2009

This evening at the blogger-launch of the new MiFi ‘mobile hotspot’ device, David Kerrigan – Head of Internet Services – confirmed that an Android device would be launched ‘in weeks’ as part of 3UK‘s Christmas line-up.  They were reluctant, he said, to launch any handset until it was mature and stable enough for a mass-market.  […]

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Confusion Over Rival Claims to 'MiFi' Name

by Ben Smith 8th September 2009

At least it wasn’t just us who was confused when 3 announced the launch of their portable hotspot product, calling it ‘MiFi’. We asked if they’d been mistaken in using the name of hardware manufacturer Novatel’s product (which we gave a first look last night) also called ‘MiFi’, whilst 3 themselves had selected a device […]

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Life's a beach: The Nokia 6700 coming to Three UK?

by Martyn Davies 17th June 2009

I was passing the “3″ offices in Maidenhead today and it appears Nokia are bringing the beach to the “3″ driveway. The board is advertising the Nokia 6700, and the van is all about keeping in touch with social networks while you’re away on holiday. It’s a shame there was no-one serving ice creams; I […]

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T-Mobile launches Together Rewards

by Ricky Chotai 27th May 2009

O2 has their treats, Orange has Orange Wednesdays and now it seems like T-Mobile are jumping on the bandwagon and are launching Together Rewards. Together Rewards is available for both Pay as You Go Customers (minimum £10 spend) and all Post Pay customers. You can sign up on the phone, in store or online (via […]

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