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iNum: one global phone number

by Jonathan Jensen 8th December 2009

This week I had a chat with Tim Behrsin, who heads up the iNum division at Voxbone. iNum (which stands for ‘international number’)  launched in 2008 and has been busy building interconnect agreements and signing service providers over the last year. The concept behind iNum is a single global phone number that isn’t tied to a specific […]

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The Reading List: Sat 3rd October

by Ben Smith 3rd October 2009

Welcome to a new feature we’re testing on The Really Mobile Project from this week… The ‘Reading List’. The Reading List is a short selection of the stories that interested us over the last week for you to browse over brunch / a pint / in the park with your cider in a paper bag […]

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Another look at Truphone

by Jonathan Jensen 26th August 2009

I’ve been using Truphone on various Nokia S60 handsets for about 2 ½ years now, both for low cost international calls and because it delivered great quality mobile WiFi coverage for me at home when my main mobile service provider didn’t (I have now moved MNO to Vodafone to solve the home coverage issue). Truphone […]

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