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Vodafone users angry over slow response to personal data leak

by Ben Smith 23rd September 2010

Vodafone‘s online account management system has turned out to be leakier than a Welsh vegetable convention is week… And it has, to quote a man who knows, been “kicking off” in their online support forums as angry users who had heard the news mixed with those confused by unsolicited password-reset emails. First spotted by Denny […]

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Vodafone VIP

by James Whatley 25th August 2010
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A few months ago Vodafone announced the launch of its new ‘Vodafone VIP’ service. I’ll admit, I snorted rather cynically when I read about it on the website (and via the subsequent spammy press release), but earlier this month I was able to experience it first hand.

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Introducing the Vodafone Mobile WiFi R201 (next to the Three MiFi E585)

by Ben Smith 18th August 2010
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Vodafone’s Mobile WiFi R201 is fresh out of the blocks. However its most important test will be how it shapes up against Three’s popular 2nd generation MiFi. Now we have our hands on both, side-by side, we’ve lined them up for a detailed comparison ahead of some real-world testing. Here’s the short version: They’re practically […]

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Vodafone Mobile WiFi in the house. Any questions?

by Ben Smith 17th August 2010

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s announcement we have an actual Vodafone Mobile WiFi device (an R201 to its friends) device in from Vodafone to test.

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Vodafone UK launch ‘Mobile WiFi’ in UK but don’t call it ‘MiFi’

by Ben Smith 16th August 2010

Today Vodafone UK have announced their ‘Mobile WiFi’ product. It’s a roughly credit-card sized (and a centimetre thick) gizmo that shares a mobile broadband connection between up to 5 devices over WiFi. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s a MiFi. Except Vodafone can’t call it that because – in the UK at least – Three have the […]

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Blackberry Storm 2: Snapped in Carphone Warehouse Store display [Updated]

by Ben Smith 7th October 2009

There’s been plenty of spy shots of the Blackberry Storm 2, which is rumoured to be arriving on Verizon and Vodafone UK this October, but our eagle-eyed spies (well, friend of the site Dan Carter from at World of Nokia) has spotted this display at a Vodafone Carphone Warehouse store which shows an official image […]

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Vodafone Live!, not available on the N86 [UPDATED]

by James Whatley 7th October 2009

POST UPDATED 12/10/09 – Scroll to the bottom of the article for the latest… Vodafone, oh Vodafone, why do you upset me so? Regular readers of my work will know that I have an ongoing love affair with Vodafone UK, or ‘Big Red’ as I affectionately call her. We’ve had our ups, our downs and […]

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Interface Preview: Vodafone 360 Samsung H1

by Ben Smith 25th September 2009

Following the official launch of Vodafone 360 today, this short preview of the Samsung H1 arrived in our inbox today without much explanation…  We haven’t seen it elsewhere so we’ll share it with you. If you’ve seen any other videos of interface walk-throughs please let us know in the comments.  There’s already an official simulator […]

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