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BREAKING: ‘O2 WiFi’ is free hotspot network for everyone

by Jonathan Jensen 26th January 2011
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O2 has launched O2 WiFi offering free WiFi to anyone, regardless of whether or not they are an O2 customer. Rather than focus on their existing customer base or charge non O2 customers for access, O2 has taken the view that their revenue stream will come from the venue partners. O2′s aim is to make […]

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Essential Reading: Offer Free WiFi in the UK at Your Own Risk

by Ben Smith 18th June 2010

Occasional Really Mobile guest contributor Steve Kennedy has written an essential bit of reading for anyone who provides or shares WiFi connections in the UK. There’s a great deal of myth and confusion about recent changes, but this post spells it out… There’s far more than the (little loved) Digital Economy Act to consider. Read […]

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Celebrate Trustive's big news & win pre-paid WiFi accounts! [closed]

by Jonathan Jensen 5th May 2010
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To mark the expansion of their hotspot network from 90,000 to 140,000 worldwide hotspots (including 3,600 BT Openzone hotspots in the UK and Ireland) Trustive has generously agreed to offer our readers (that’s you, yes you) some pre-paid WiFi accounts as prizes for 4 lucky people… To enter the competition to win one of these […]

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Power over WiFi: 'Physics is Physics' or 'Dare to Dream'?

by Ben Smith 23rd February 2010

Our post about the RCA Airnergy device generated a bit if a conversation… both for and against. To reflect many of the sceptical comments around the web I added a video from EEVblog which summarised much of the physics-based disbelief, but our readers can do better than that…

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Charger gets power from WiFi [please be true] [updated: man says it's not]

by Ben Smith 23rd February 2010
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I was amazed when I saw this… it’s almost certainly too good to be true, but see the video after the break… US consumer-electronics giant RCA have created a box of tricks that sucks power out of the air driven by WiFi signals. The cigarette-packet-sized gizmo plugs in to devices to provide a ‘free’ trickle […]

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iPass launches their Open Mobile Platform

by Jonathan Jensen 25th January 2010

One of the challenges when travelling abroad on business is finding the best connectivity solution to get online. Your regular WiFi service may provide roaming access to local WiFi hotspots, alternatively paying for access to a local network may be a cost effective option. If all else fails, using 3G data roaming is an option, […]

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Niall Murphy of The Cloud: 3G, Capacity Crunch & Digital Britain [Part 1 of 2]

by Ben Smith 28th September 2009

Niall Murphy talks to Ben and Vikki about The Cloud, the future for mobile internet and  Digital Britain. Niall makes a case for mobile internet delivered by 3G and WiFi and highlights the impending ‘capacity crunch’ as our increasing demand for bandwidth exceeds the rate at which the technology can satisfy it.  He also raises […]

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iPass exploits a WiFi opportunity

by Jonathan Jensen 17th September 2009

The increasing number of WiFi enabled smartphones in large organisations presents an opportunity for WiFi service providers to leverage that capability with products that seek to address deficiencies with 3G data, including roaming costs, poor in-building coverage and variable download speeds. iPass is one of the companies exploiting that market opportunity with their Mobile Office […]

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