Stephen Elop at Nokia World 2010

Breaking: New Nokia CEO Stephen Elop takes to the stage

by Ben Smith on 15th September 2010

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Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO in waiting (he starts next week), has taken to the stage to give a $1 million prize to the winner of the Nokia Growth Venture Challenge competition at the Calling All Innovators Awards Ceremony.

Describing himself as ‘completely unemployed’ he referred to his ‘old supervisor’ Steve Ballmer’s catch-phrase ‘developers, developers, developers’ as he explained why he had chosen this event to make his first public appearance.

Warmly received by the crowd there’s a real sense of anticipation about what he can do for Nokia.  His warmth and charisma certainly played well to the attendees – mostly developers and Nokia staff.

Giving a $1 million to developers sends a fairly clear signal too… there are plenty of other Nokia big-wigs on hand who could have done that – this man has an agenda.

  • dsample

    The comments I’ve heard so far from his interviews it seems like his agenda will be a step in the right direction. Not to say bad things about OPK, but I believe this to be the right step to show Nokia’s willing to take up the challenge to re-earn the perceived top spot (even if the numbers say they’re still #1).

    It does sadden me to see the leader of the battle cry, Anssi Vanjoki leave after being overlooked for CEO position, after such a passionate statement of intentions. I admire him though, for still being so passionate in his Nokia World speech and not letting the issue cast a cloud over his presentation.

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