Spotify and Hero on 3UK

by Ben Smith on 19th October 2009

As previously announced by Ant at his Fresh Plastic blog and anticipated by us some time ago, 3UK have today announced they’re launching a tariff with an inclusive Spotify premium subscription…

An HTC Hero and some Spotify... Nice.

An HTC Hero and some Spotify... Nice.

…and they’ve chosen to launch it on their first Android handset, the HTC Hero (fantastic news – we had guessed at the lower-spec Tattoo which has gone to Vodafone instead). UK Gadgeteer has the full details.

The offer is £35 a month over 24 months plus £99 for the Hero handset up-front. The tariff includes unlimited use of Spotify Premium for mobile and PC for 2 years, 750 minutes to other mobiles, unlimited data, unlimited texts and the usual 3 tariff features of free Skype calling and unlimited 3-to-3 calling.

With liberal use of the word ‘initially’ throughout the announcement we can expect to see Spotify available on other handsets (and the Hero, Spotify-less) soon.

It seems Hutchison Whampoa’s investment in Spotify has been quick to bear fruit, but we feel certain there’s more in the pipes. As part of the investment INQ CEO Frank Meehan took a place on the board so it seems likely we’ll hear Spotify news from them too soon.

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