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James Whatley: TV star & Roaming Guru

by Ben Smith on 25th June 2010

Hey! What’s that? It’s only James Freakin’ Whatley on my telebox!

James has been chatting to the BBC about roaming costs (which guest contributor Ilicco Elia also covered recently) and the smart ways you can avoid (or at least reduce) them… It’s going to be a hot topic as World Cup fans return home over the next few weeks to find some unpleasant surprises waiting for them in the shape of roaming bills.

In the interview ‘guru’ James recommends using a local SIM card as the best way to get affordable overseas calling and data, but he also name-checks Truphone and MaxRoam for their respective offerings. I’ve been testing Boingo recently for WiFi data and that’s been pretty useful too.

Take a look at James in action (from about 3mins 40secs in):

BBC Fast:Track Video [not mobile friendly]

What products, services or techniques do you use to keep call and data costs down overseas? Should the European price-controls be extended world-wide for European mobile subscribers?  Let us know in the comments…

Image and Video Credit: BBC Fast:Track

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