by Ben Smith on 29th April 2009

That’s right everyone, The Really Mobile Project is finally here.

Take a look around, have a play with the site and absorb some of our initial content. We’ve been working hard on this one and while we’re only  really just getting started (see what we did there?), rest assured that we’re here to stay.

It’s been a long time coming (about six weeks), but we’re now considering this our official ‘soft launch’. We know that many of our friends have been looking for somewhere to talk about what’s happening in the mobile space, so here it is.

If you haven’t met the team yet, jump to the About page and read up on us. You’ll see a few familiar faces, as well as one brand new one that you may not know. Swot up, there will be a test later.

You’ll have seen that there are just a few videos on the homepage at the moment. These are initial video diaries that we’re pulling together for now, until we get the first episode of the show together. Yes, that’s right, the show.

For now though, you can go and watch:

Dan reviewing Flight Control

Ben at the AQA2U event

Vikki talking about the E75 & NC10

James planning for MGoLA

On the written front, Jonathan Jensen has joined us as a regular contributor and his first piece for Really Mobile talks about the iPhone App Store’s effect on his wife’s approach to not only her phone, but her laptop as well.

Go on then, off you go. Indulge yourself in what we’ve got to offer and, on your way, take a few minute to let us know what you think. Your feedback, comments and ultimately, your conversation is what we’ve all been looking forward to the most.

Thanks for waiting,

The Really Mobile Project

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