Ovi Store: 'Comes Without Customer Service'

by Ben Smith on 10th June 2009

One week ago I made my first Ovi Store purchase.  I’d played around with it on launch day and voiced my concerns, but to be fair to Nokia the download and install of free apps did work well.  So… time to test the much-celebrated operator billing….

I decided to buy Gravity – Jan Ole Suhr’s impressive S60 Twitter client – he more than anyone deserved my Ovi pounds. I clicked, I selected and £8 in premium texts later I was downloading the client… Great!  Unfortunately the installation failed…. An error then nothing. I don’t know what caused it – perhaps an incompatibility with the N97 I was testing or perhaps an error on my part – either realistic options.

So I grabbed an alternative SIM from another operator and tried again…. Same result.

Damn. £16 down for two copies of Gravity and not one working.  I tweeted my frustration:

Twitter / Ben Smith: Bought #Gravity from Ovi s ...
…and in minutes @janole responded offering help:

Twitter / Jan Ole Suhr: @bensmithuk Contact me (ol ...
Brilliant, but not the likely experience of a ‘normal’ user, so I thanked @janole (and a few eagle-eyed Nokia twitterers who also offered help unofficially) and headed for the ‘proper’ support route described in the receipts.  That ‘proper’ support is a link to http://www.ovi.com/support

However, at the Ovi Support site, whilst there are FAQs on navigating the store and making purchases there is no information or help for customers having purchasing problems. At all. In fact the support documents end exactly at the point they take your money:

Browse Ovi Store

So I hunted some more and when I drew a complete blank I opted for the ‘Contact Us‘ option:

Ovi by Nokia Support - Contact Ovi Care.

It doesn’t inspire much confidence as it’s support for all of Ovi, but I selected ‘report an error’, wrote a brief description and included the reference numbers on my two receipts and waited… and waited.

7 days have passed so far.  I’ve had no acknowledgement of my contact and no refund of the money, which I’ve now paid via my operator’s bill.

So there Gravity sits… in ‘My Stuff’:

Ovi Store

…but it’s not. I own it (twice) but can’t use it.

For now a demo version of Gravity and @janole‘s rapid offer of help provide an alternative route for me to get resolution, but why should the developers have to do Nokia’s customer services for them?

The lack of support in the FAQs on what to do if purchases fails shows how much thought Nokia have given to this: none.

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