London Nokia Flagship Store: Now Closed

by Ben Smith on 4th March 2010

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Although announced late last year, I’d completely forgotten that the closure of the flagship store was creeping up on us until I saw their tweet today.  And now it’s gone…

The Nokia flagship store on Regent Street has closedCosting – apparently – £4m to open in February 2008 the store was opposite Apple’s own London flagship store and comparisons were unavoidable… Apple’s store was packed – the most profitable per square foot in London earning Apple around £60m per year – Nokia’s was less so.  Obviously the role of the Nokia store was far more as a flagship – few consumers would buy devices there with network operator shops on every high-street – but in the end it proved too costly.

I shall miss the store – it was never a place to go for the first access to new devices or public events and whist the staff were friendly they lacked much real enthusiasm on my last visit (and who can blame them), but it was there, it was well stocked and – at its best – made a great launch venue for the devices like the 5800.

Like so many things Nokia, it was flawed, but I loved it. It feels like an opportunity missed.

The land – owned by the Queen (well, the Crown) – is some of London’s most prime retail space and is expected to be snapped up quickly. Other Nokia stores in the UK will remain open – including the one in Heathrow’s Terminal 5, but Vertu customers (there was a ‘shop within a shop’) will have to get their chauffeurs to drop them at the dedicated Boutique Store on Old Bond Street nearby.

At the Nokia Flagship Store on Regent Street for the 5800XM launch

In happier times at the 5800XM launch at the Nokia Flagship Store on Regent Street

Title image credit: chivacongelado, Flickr

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