Win phones: Nokia's E55, E75 and N97 [Closed - judging]

by Ben Smith on 15th March 2010

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Entries are now closed  and the winners have been announced.

The people from Nokia have given us three phones to give away to Really Mobile readers – having forgotten that post (we assume) or (more probably) taken it in good humour… so make us laugh and get winning!

We’ve got an E55, an E75 and an N97 to give to three lucky winners and it’s easy to enter… In video, audio, image or text create one of the following as suggested by our first winner Matt Radford:

  1. You’re Really Mobile’s Dad. Explain to Really Mobile how it should behave when it’s a grown-up, possibly with reference to ‘currently grown-up’ mobile/tech sites.
  2. Pick the actors who will play the cast in “Really Mobile: The Movie” and justify your choices.
  3. Write a Haiku to/about The Really Mobile Project or something we’ve blogged.

We want to use the winning entries on our ‘404‘ page… entries suitable for that may get extra credit. The rules are simple:

  • Anyone can enter as many times as you like – each entry will be considered separately. We’ll ship the devices anywhere (as long as you don’t mind receiving a European-specification device).
  • You can create and post your entry anywhere, but you must provide a link to it in the comments to this post and tag your entry ‘ReallyMobile’ wherever it goes. Of course you can just post your entry directly in the comments too.
  • There are 3 winners – the entries which make us laugh most. The best gets to choose from any of the 3 handsets, the 2nd best from the remaining 2 etc.  The devices have all been used for demonstrations but are all in as-new condition, boxed with all the accessories.
  • The competition closes on 2359h (GMT) Monday, 22nd March 2010.  Our decision is final and it’s a haiku if we say it is… Even if we’re wrong.

…and if you don’t feel inspired tweet or blog this – we’ll pick one person doing this for a mystery prize.

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